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"This book draws all the emotions out of you. I went from tears to snorting with laughter. It was both lighthearted and heart breaking, yet it inspires me to live my best life! " Michelle Cox

When Hollywood auctioneer Emsley Wilson finds her famous grandmother's diary while cleaning out her New York brownstone, the pages are full of surprises. The first surprise is, the diary isn't her grandmother's. It belongs to Johanna Bonger, Vincent van Gogh's sister-in-law.

Johanna inherited Vincent van Gogh's paintings. They were all she had, and they weren't worth anything. She was a 28 year old widow with a baby in the 1800s, without any means of supporting herself, living in Paris where she barely spoke the language. Yet she managed to introduce Vincent's legacy to the world.

The inspiration couldn't come at a better time for Emsley. With her business failing, an unexpected love turning up in her life, and family secrets unraveling, can she find answers in the past?

"This book was so much more than I had expected, and I had high expectations... one of the most beautiful stories I've read in years." Kaela Stokes

"It touched something in my soul." Audrey McDonald

"What it boils down to is the excitement, holding you on the edge, the danger, the fear, the unknown, the mystery, humor that makes this a page turner and a wonderful start to a wonderful new series." Cyn, Top 1,000 Vine Voice Reviewer

"Just finished reading Silent Threat and have immediately pre ordered book 2.... This is not your normal formulaic romantic suspense novel with beautiful superhero characters that jump into bed at the drop of a hat at the expense of the story. It is well thought out and they have a chance to grow and become real." Amazon Review

"Be very afraid! I was. I'm still afraid. The author brings us a story of romance, more than that, romantic suspense as taut as any I've read.... Holy smokes, this riveting romantic thriller won't let you go until the very end and even then has a grip on your emotions. A stunning story!" Amazon Review

“…readers will find it impossible not to care what happens next to Tera. It’s impressively easy to become immersed in Marton’s fantasy world.” Kirkus Review

" of the best trilogies in epic fantasy I have read in years..." Douglas Meeks, Top 50 Vine Voice Reviewer

"Hoard this series to read when you have enough free time because it is very hard to put down." Amazon Review

"This book was easily one of my most anticipated books! I stumbled upon the 1st book in the series by accident, which prompted me to look up the 2nd book immediately and downloaded it before I even finished the second book. Finally, finally, the 3rd book was here! I tried really hard to read slowly so I could stretch it up. But unfortunately the story swept me up like a tidal wave and I could do nothing but read on until the final page." Amazon Review

"A dark and unconventional romance but one heck of a story." Amazon Review

"It blew me out of the water with thrilling, touching excitement... We all have go to authors for whatever our mood might be. For me. when I am in need of danger, suspense, thrills and a few chills this is the author I run to. She gives me the excitement I crave and need. I know whatever book she puts out will be thrilling, hold your breath, hang on to the edge of you seats as it leaves my mouth hung open giving me an exciting ride. I know whatever book she will put out I want it, need it for my fix. This is another author I just about beg to review any book she writes." Cyn, Top 1,000 Vine Voice Reviewer

“…Dana Marton's story was exceptional and I loved it, I have seen this basic plot a few dozen times but this one becomes very original after a chapter or 2 and one of the best parts is when you think it is over she does a couple of epilogues to bring you the future of our couple, loved it even more so 5 Stars. The couple was perfect…” --Douglas C. Meeks, Top 50 Vine Voice Reviewer/DRAGON LORD

"Dragon Lord" was stellar - I'm definitely going to look for more books by this author. How could I not love a virgin heroine who volunteered for the task so she could kill the dragon? … Draknart goes through one of the best redemption arcs for a human-eating hero that I've seen. He really does try, for a superior being forced into a human form, and it's both funny and sweet ...and kinda terrifying, honestly. I love how Dana Marton really hit the note between "omg what" and "ahahaha awww" with exquisite precision.” --Night Owl Reviews

Three rough and tough former Navy SEALs who don't know the meaning of impossible. Three adventurous, irresistible women who don't mind teaching them.

Add a secret FBI mission and a corrupt politician who wants them all dead, and watch the fireworks erupt. (Or is that gunfire?) A team that fights together sleeps together? Well, not ALL together. (But—okay, fine—love IS in the air.) (Seriously, these guys are hotter than a fire on a submarine.)

"Action packed and breathtakingly romantic!" Susan Mallery #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author

"...started with a bang and the tension never let up..." Paula Graves bestselling author